Swelling Feets During Pregnancy

Mama, Feet and legs Swelling is So real !

Swelling During Pregnancy

It may happen when 

• When baby bump grows it create pressure on legs because of gravity and

 Body holds more water than pre pregnancy ,and water flows in lower parts of body and creates swelling.

• Continuously Standing or working for long time.

• Travelling for long hours.

• its summer time.


What can help

• Avoid extra salt over food , which is helpful in keeping sodium level low in the body.

• Consume less caffeine rich beverages.

• Eat Potassium rich foods like raisins,potatoes,bananas,avocado,tomato, yogurts and more.

• Drink at least 3-4 litres water.


Remedies to help reduce swelling

• Go for short walks of 10 mins, 2-3 times a day

• Wear flat slippers or Shoes for better feet hold, it provides good support to legs.

• Wear comfortable Maternity dresses  .

• Use icebag on the feet to reduce swelling.

• Do foot excercise while sitting on chair or on bed, just basic excercises.

•  Massage helps feet in reducing pain in feet and legs, get a good a massage and lots of love.


Always consult gynecologist for sudden swelling in pregnancy



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