What kind of dresses to wear in pregnancy ?


Things to Keep in mind while Choosing a perfect Maternity Outfit

⚫ Dresses which has Empire waist

While your belly grows continuously, it should fit you and babybump both. Pregnancy is not just about growing your belly, its also about your entire body.

According to that dresses with empire waist gives better room to grow the belly, These kind of dress can be used post pregnancy for flared decent look.


⚫ Invisible Zips Both Side

Maternity dress should have both side invisible feeding zips

Why its important?
While using dress in 2nd and 3rd trimester it can be used to feed baby easily for further months or years.

Feeding zip both side has its own advantage, you can easily feed your baby by opening one side zip.


⚫ Comfortable Fabric

The quality of the fabric matters alot in Maternity Outfits.

While pregnancy there is lot of Body Growth, temperature changes and uncomfortablity. 

In these time you require super-comfortable dresses, that loves your body.

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