Baby can hear moms voice in pregnancy?

Baby Hearing in Pregnancy

It's amazing how much is going on before you even meet your little Person.
By the time a baby is born, he or she already knows and loves his
mother's voice.

When a baby is only hours old, he can recognize speech-sounds from his mom's native language.
As well, babies develop a preference for the language they've heard for the last 9 months.

They will also be able to recognize rhythm and patterns from stories 
loud before birth. Cool, right?

A baby develops ears during the 2nd month of

The ear begins to stick out from the head by 4 months of age.
and  Around 6 months of pregnancy,

your baby may begin to hear some noises from outside the womb.
While the ears develop early,

Your baby isn't actually hearing until the auditory, brain and hearing
pathways develop and work together. This typically occurs
around 6 months.

The developing hearing system requires stimulation to develop properly. It needs stimulation from speech.

So, talk to your baby, play music, and put up your
feet and read a book out loud. Your baby is listening!


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